Despite all the things that hurt her, she spoke of nothing but happiness.

Know that you're never alone.
In me, you can find a home.

Anonymous asked: I wanted advice on something, I haven't ever kissed and I'm 16. I really like this dude that I have recently become friends with. He used to be all shy but finally he's shaking it off. What can I possibly do to you know make him interested? I don't even know how to flirt I'm not awkward it's just I really haven't had the opportunity..

There isn’t a certain rule for flirting in my opinion. Try just having conversations with him, laughing at his jokes, asking if he wants to hang out with you and your group of friends. Ask people who know him what kind of girls he likes. Smiling at him randomly or something, you just have to do what you think would make him interested because I don’t know his personality or anything like that. What are his interests? 

Anonymous asked: me and my girlfriend are in a long distance for about 9 months now and im very possessive over her just in a way i get jealous whenever she hangs out with her guy so any advice?

When you get jealous just make sure it’s not to the point where it’s you being too hard on her, just let her know that it bothers you when she hangs out with them. If you trust her, it shouldn’t be a problem. She loves you and if she didn’t she’d be with them instead of you.

Anonymous asked: How do I deal with bitchy girls? You see, my best friend is best friends with these raging bitches and they both hate me for no reason. I don't stand up to them because I'm scared that ill lose my best friend to them. I always have to be with them cause we always hang in a group. It would ruin everything. I just don't know what to do.

It wouldn’t ruin everything if you told your best friend how those girls treat you. If she’s really your best friend she’d talk to to them after you tell her what’s going on and make sure they change their ways. If you don’t like hanging with them in a group, go places with your best friend without them being there.

Anonymous asked: ok so a few months ago, this girl nathalia broke my bestfriend and her boyfriend up for her own benefit. nathalia and my friend hate each other bc of it, and now nathalia is telling this guy i'm talking to all these false things about me like how im a slut, or that im talking to other guys. he tells me he doesn't believe her, and that he doesn't even like her as a person, but when he's around her, he always smiles and hugs her and laughs and he tells me it's nothing but :/// should i be worried?

I just think that some boys will always be like that, they’ll act one way around you and then a different way around other people, and I honestly don’t think they can help that. If it gets to the point where it bothers you too much, just ask him again and ask him if he doesn’t like her why he’s always all over her. If he says he doesn’t like her and that they’re only friends, tell him how you feel about his mixed signals.

  -  6 September

Anonymous asked: this is so stupid but how do I tell if my relationship is abusive? /:

Nothing you ever send to me is stupid. There’s different types of abuse, if he’s talking to you wrong, controlling how you live your life, taking you away from your friends or family, blaming you for everything when you’re in fights, giving you ultimatums and not making you feel loved anymore, calling you names. I also googled it for you just in case I didn’t mention it all so click here. You’re not alone okay? I know that what you’re going through is hard but you’ll get better. If you need me I’m definitely always here. I promise. :)

  -  6 September

Anonymous asked: i am very awkward no matter what i do help

That’s okay haha. Just try to find something you’re comfortable at doing. Get used to it, and after you figure out the one thing, start stepping out of your comfort zone and doing other things too. 

  -  12 August


I’m not trying to get attention, I just need help. Being depressed isn’t something I can control.

We know it’s not something you can control because I don’t think depression is a choice. I know you’re not trying to get attention because all you want is help and I’m here to give that to you. No matter what’s going on in your life, or what people are saying to make you feel any less than what you are, it’ll get better before you know it. Just don’t give up, ever. You’re loved and you’re cared about.


The next time my dad calls me fat, I’m killing myself. And absolutely nothing/no one can stop me. I’m done.

You’re not fat, he’s your dad and he doesn’t mean what he says. He loves you no matter how you look. You’re beautiful to me and so many other people. Don’t kill yourself over something you can change. It’s the inside that counts the most anyway. Killing yourself when you have such a long life ahead of you isn’t something you should want to do. Stay strong.



I’m hurt, I’m confused, and tired of feeling worthless. If one day I were to disappear, I’m sure it wouldn’t even be noticed. It’s pointless to even keep trying.

It’s normal to be upset every once in awhile, if things are hard in your life right now just remember that it’s not over and everything will be okay in the end. People would notice if you were gone, your family would, and all your friends would. Imagine how hurt they would be? It might seem like they don’t care because they might not show it enough, but they do care. Everyone cares, especially me. Keep trying and never give up. It’ll get better.

Everyone will die. It will happen someday. So don’t spend your time wishing you were dead, because some people don’t have that choice. Don’t take your life for granted and try to focus on all the good things in your life. It’ll all get better with time.

Anonymous asked: do you have any tips to help me lose weight im fat and im going to college this fall i cant do this :( please help!

Drink lots of water, eat healthy, exercise daily. Lots of protein, and less junk food. You’re supposed to move more than you eat, so exercise and be more active if you already are. By the way, you’re not fat and your weight doesn’t define your beauty. Sttttopppppp being so hard on yourself.

Anonymous asked: no guy is ever going to like me, i'm too ugly. i don't even have a boy that i'm talking to right now and i'm never going to. i used to be in an abusive relationship and i've been roofied and robbed at gunpoint. i'm damaged and nobody is ever going to want me. i'm useless.

You’re not ugly. You’re not useless. You’ve been through a lot, and unfortunately what you’ve been through is making you feel this way. Things happen, and I’m sorry that happened to you, you definitely didn’t deserve to go through any of that. Nobody does. So again, I’m sorry. Try forgetting about the past and focusing on your future, you might be scared to open up to more guys because of all the things you’ve been through, but most guys aren’t like that. Only insecure, immature guys do things like that. You’re beautiful, and I wish you realized that.

Anonymous asked: ...but we have only texted within those months. i am shy and was too scared to approach him in school..but he never did either. it's just kinda weird idk. but he's so cute and i miss talking to him. he was the only guy that actually wanted to know more about me. most guys just see my appearance and thats all they care about but he cared to know more. i still fantasize about dating him! what exactly should i text him?

Just start off by saying hey, and when he replies just have a normal conversation with him. Eventually just say “This might not matter to you anymore, but I do like you. When you told me you liked me, I wanted to tell you I felt the same way but I was scared and I didn’t know how to put it into words.” Or something around that.

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